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we found our new apartment! #nobrokerfee #moveinready #squirrelmates #smellslikepiss #stillillegal

mini pesto-mozzarella-tomato toast factory 😋

but…why is this a thing?

it seemed like a good idea at the time. #NYC #graffiti

It’s a good time to be a lost kid!


Reblogging was made for things like this.

Oraphis: Pretended to die to see how my dog would react. 

Welcome to Brooklyn

After spending the day in LES, my roommate and I decided to trek over the Brooklyn Bridge, both to be able to say that we did it, and to save our broke asses some MTA swipes.

It was free, and it was beautiful.

The walk goes by quickly, especially if you have a camera. We went on a late Saturday afternoon, and though there were plenty of people, no one really minded each other.

Except bikers. They definitely mind, so get the hell out of their way. 

I was told that the building on the right is supposed to be where the character, Dan, from Gossip Girl, lives. Then again, I was also once told that green M&M’s make you fart, so…there’s that. 

Style File:
-Snakeskin Print Jacket from Hong Kong
-Sheer Black Tank Top by Guess
-Polka Dotted Mullet Skirt by Forever 21
-Black Espadrilles by Lands End (that’s right, & they were <$20!)
-Hot Pink Bow Belt by Izzue from Hong Kong
-Hot Pink Envelope Purse by Forever 21
-Vintage White Gold Watch by Christian Dior
-Silver Stone Bracelet by Lia Sopia (a gift from the Wendy Williams Show)

Feels good to feel alive.

Back to Basics

It’s been over a year now since I packed my life up with my little dog, Tiny, and moved us both to Brooklyn. I promised myself that I would take risks and stop being so afraid of putting myself out there, but sure enough, it seems I only got more afraid. I barely ventured out of my apartment (aptly deemed, “the cave” by friends who didn’t get to see me nearly enough) and I was thrown unexpected life curveballs, one after another. My great-grandma passed away in February, and then one dark April morning, I awoke to find that my sweet little dog, Tiny, had died from a seizure. Just weeks later, my family dog, Lexi, died, too. My motivation and inspiration died along with them, and soon, my cave became the only place I could allow myself to be.

But of course, New York City (Brooklyn included) will always remind you that you’re never alone. The honking horns of aggressive taxi-drivers, drunken wanderers going bump in the night, the early morning sounds of glass bottles being crushed—they all somehow felt like old friends, joined by my loved ones’ memories, beckoning me to learn how to live again.

So I did. And I am.

I’m just being smiley. #me #nofilter (Taken with instagram)

#NYC #alecmonopoly #graffiti #streetart (Taken with instagram)

#NYC #alecmonopoly #graffiti #streetart (Taken with instagram)

I had my #bareburger with elk! Great #food, great #decor, great post meal itis. (Taken with Instagram at BareBurger)

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